A custom homepage, made simple

26Mar09 allows you to create a custom homepage, filled with links to all of your favorite Websites and blogs.  You can customize the way your page looks and even choose to be notified when a site you have listed has new content.


When you create your account, you’ll choose a username which will be included in your homepage URL.  From there, all you need to do is create groups and add links to each group.  For example, I created a group called “Music” and added links to my account,, and Pandora.  When I click on my home button in my browser (I set my page as my homepage) I’ll now have access to all of my favorite Websites and blogs.  I can click on a link and be brought to Twitter, Facebook, etc.  You can also choose to have put a little marker next to any of the sites that have new content since the last time you visited.  It doesn’t give you a preview – it just lets you know that there’s something new to look at.


You can customize the way your page looks with one of their available themes and, if you’re so inclined, edit the CSS to give it more of a personal touch.  You can also create your own theme from scratch.

The only beef I have with is that when I click on “Logout” it brings me to another page which states, “Are you sure you want to leave?”.  Yes, I’m quite sure I want to leave which is why I clicked on Logout to begin with.  It’s a very minor detail, and I’m afraid that is receiving a lashing from me because of all of the other sites that do this as well…I just can’t keep my mouth shut anymore.


Other than that, I’m quite happy having set as my homepage 🙂 .

To see in action, watch the screencast below (best viewed in HD in full screen):

[via Download Squad]

3 Responses to “ A custom homepage, made simple”

  1. 1 A.BILE

    Great review as usual…
    I find Symbaloo more efficient as far as I’m concern: the visual mix of colors, logos, locations (I’m a visual person).

  2. 2 Joan

    Thanks for this, and for all the demo girl screencasts you do. I appreciate your work.

  3. Netvibes is (IMO) a better alternative: Real-time updated info and the option to collapse individual elements + tabbing within your startpage so you see the important things first. Loving your work demogirl!

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