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I was at the park with my kids recently, and my daughter was immediately drawn to a cute, pig-tailed little girl. The girl’s mother walked over to me and handed me her daughter’s business card.  I guess this business of making playdates is a serious thing.  I didn’t have anything but an old receipt to […]

Yes, the economy is bad and most people are cutting back quite a bit these days, but sometimes you just have to give in and buy a new pair of socks or pick something up for your Mom for Mother’s Day. CouponTweet is a cool site that might help you save a few bucks when […]

I was visiting this morning and saw mention of a bookmarking service called Speedtile. This handy little tool makes browsing through your bookmarks very easy on the eyes.  I admit it, I’m a lazy bookmarker.  My bookmark folder is a mess and half the time I don’t give my bookmarks intuitive names so they […]

I’ve been meaning to do a screencast of myebook for a while now.  Well, it’s spring break and I decided to take some time and get down to the basics of myebook. This site allows you to easily publish and share your own content online as well as read ebooks published by other people.  You […]

ConvoTrack does one thing, and it does it well:  It tracks any conversations going on about whatever Webpage you’re viewing and displays them in a sidebar pop-out.  All you need to do is install the bookmarklet and you’ll be on your way to seeing what everyone is saying on Twitter, Friendfeed, digg, and on blogs. […]

I have a problem.  I’m addicted to real estate sites.  I’m constantly checking on what my home value is or searching to see if anyone has bought the house across the street.  If you are actually looking to buy a house or sell your house, though, Dwellicious may be a good tool for you. Dwellicious  […]

PageTweet allows you to shrink a URL for sharing on Twitter and other social networking sites, but also allows you to add your own 140 character message to the actual link that you’re sharing.  Your message doesn’t appear in your Twitter updates with the link, it appears on the actual site – allowing the people […]

If you find yourself constantly bookmarking articles you find online to come back to later, then “I Need To Read This” is a handy application that you’ll probably love.  It allows you to easily find articles that you want to read later, without cluttering your bookmarks folder. There’s not much of a learning curve here […]

zeaLOG is a life tracking service that helps you to track just about anything you can think of in your day to day activities.  Whether it’s how many glasses of water you drink or how many times you dine out at a restaurant – zeaLOG will help you keep track. It started out harmless enough […]

I was browsing the Download Squad Web site today and they mentioned a nifty outline application called LooseStitch. LooseStitch is a Web-based application that lets you easily create outlines and share them or allow others to work on the outlines with you.  You don’t really have to sign up — just create an outline name […]