Use zeaLOG to track your life


zeaLOG is a life tracking service that helps you to track just about anything you can think of in your day to day activities.  Whether it’s how many glasses of water you drink or how many times you dine out at a restaurant – zeaLOG will help you keep track.


It started out harmless enough – I created a log to track every time I go to the gym.  I also created one to track how many Diet Cokes I consume in a day.  Then, somehow, I found myself tracking how much water I was drinking, calories I’m consuming, and hours of TV I watch a day.  It’s a little addicting.


To create a zeaLOG all you need to do is enter in what you want to track.  Then choose the unit of measure (hours, ounces, pounds, etc.) for what you’ll be tracking.  For example, if I was tracking how much gas I was putting in my car I would enter in gallons here.  Then choose how you want to make your entries – by checking them once completed, by adding an amount every time you do something, or the current value of something you’re tracking.  This part really depends on what exactly you’re tracking.  You then have the option of making your zeaLOG public or private and you can allow others to join.

Every time you do something that you’re tracking, simply enter the data into the profile page for that activity.  If others have joined you then you’ll see their data as well.  It’s all nicely laid out in a chart and people can leave comments as well.


If a lot of people join then you may notice an overloaded chart like the one above, but you can change the date range and even remove people from the chart to get a better view.

At the moment, zeaLOG has me hooked.  I’m trying to make an effort to go to the gym more and trying to decide if I’m watching too much TV.  Only time will tell if I continue to log in and enter in my progress.

To see zeaLOG in action, watch the screencast below (best viewed in HD in full screen):

[via VentureBeat]

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  1. 1 Emily

    Wow! Thank you so much! We’re so glad you are having fun on the site. I also have to tell you that we have procrastinated for MONTHS on doing a screencast, and yours is just fantastic. I’m so happy that we never got around to it now! 🙂

    See you on zeaLOG!

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