Get Your Bookmarks in Order With Speedtile


I was visiting this morning and saw mention of a bookmarking service called Speedtile.
This handy little tool makes browsing through your bookmarks very easy on the eyes.  I admit it, I’m a lazy bookmarker.  My bookmark folder is a mess and half the time I don’t give my bookmarks intuitive names so they can be easily located.


Speedtile gives you a visual clue about the sites you’ve bookmarked and even has a nice layout for categories you want to use for your bookmarks.  Signup is free — just need your email address and a password and you’re in.

You can manually add bookmarks to different categories by simply entering in the URL.  If you add the firefox plugin, you can add a bookmark to your Speedtile page with a simple right-mouse-click.  When you head back over to your Speedtile page, a handy little screenshot of your bookmarked site will be visible.

Speedtile doesn’t yet offer a way to import your old bookmarks, but their Web site says they are thinking about adding this feature.  This is actually good news for me because I need a fresh start.

If you want to see Speedtile in action, click on the screencast below (best viewed in HD in full screen):

2 Responses to “Get Your Bookmarks in Order With Speedtile”

  1. 1 T3CK

    Thanks for sharing their booking marking service reminds me of a similar Firefox extension called speed dial

  2. I discovered Speedtile today. It offers a lightweight alternative to my delicious account and gives fast access to sites that I need to use on a regular basis. It wont replace delicious but its certainly very useful.

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