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I generally use TweetDeck as my Twitter client, but I’ve also tried out a few others, including the Flock browser. There are a lot of offerings out there and one that is new to me is TwitHive. The thing I like about TwitHive is that there is nothing to install.  TwitHive uses OAuth so you […]

I’m fairly new here at  I have been working for our company for almost 15 years handling various tasks from tech support to billing issues.  I don’t get out much to surf the net and test out the latest and greatest tools and applications because I’m busy with my regular duties here at Centercloud.  […]

The next time my tax accountant complains that his 14 MB email to me bounced because of size limits, I’m going to point him in the direction of FileTwt.  FileTwt is a very simple Web site that lets you quickly share large files via Twitter. If you are going to share the file publicly, you […]

Thanks to a tip on Mashable, I downloaded Flock 2.5.  To be honest, I had never heard of Flock —  now I’m like, where have I been?   This browser gives easy access to your social media, but now I’m not sure if it’s going to cause me to spend more time playing when I […]

I am not a fan of Evite.  The problem is, almost everyone I know continues to use it even though there are so many other services out there that deserve a chance.  Here’s one.  Here’s another.  Oh, and yes, another.  Today I’m going to show you another great service that deserves some attention – Paperless […] allows you to create a virtual business card, complete with your own video avatar.  It gives you a place to share your flickr photos, your location, and your other online identities, as well as updates to Twitter and Facebook. After you sign up for an account (which is currently invite only) you’ll be able […]

If you use Firefox and are a fan of Tabs (check and check!) then you may want to give Desktop a look.  Desktop is an experimental Firefox Add-on that allows you to create a custom page loaded with shortcuts to your favorite websites.  Every time you open a new tab, you’ll see a set of […]

I can’t let my daughter read this post or she will want to take over the one computer we have in the house.  Oh, wait… she can’t read, and she doesn’t need to be able to read to use the kid-friendly KIDO’Z browser. The KIDO’Z browser lets younger children safely navigate through a nice collection […]

Thanks to TechCrunch for pointing me in the direction of a useful site called gathers up recipes from all over the Internet and allows you to quickly do a recipe search and save recipes from many different places. The site seems to strongly encourage you to add the toolbar, which I did.  […]