TwitHive Offers an Easy-to-Use, Web-Based Twitter Client


I generally use TweetDeck as my Twitter client, but I’ve also tried out a few others, including the Flock browser. There are a lot of offerings out there and one that is new to me is TwitHive.


The thing I like about TwitHive is that there is nothing to install.  TwitHive uses OAuth so you don’t have to provide a 3rd party with your twitter credentials.

Once you are logged in you can set up multiple channels for different twitter accounts or just to get updates from certain people.  You can do twitter searches and TwitHive also includes a URL shortener when you are adding your own posts.  I didn’t see a feature to add photos and there didn’t seem to be any way to be notified of new updates — like a sound or popup.  But if you are away from your own computer or you don’t like the idea of installing a Twitter client, then TwitHive does seem to get the basic job done.

To see TwitHive in action, click on the screencast below (best viewed in HD in Full Screen):

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