DailyBurn Wants to Help You Reach Your Fitness Goals


Thanks to a tip from KillerStartups I checked out the fitness Web site DailyBurn (formerly Gyminee).


There are a great many Web sites available for people who are seeking help with their diet, and I’ve joined one or two of the pay services in the past.  Most of these services fail with me because their meal plans suggest things like waldorf salad for lunch.  I don’t know about you, but I’m not about to whip up waldorf salad on a Tuesday afternoon — usually it’s just soup at my desk or a cup of cottage cheese and an apple.

DailyBurn does offer a Pro account ($15 for 3 months), which offers things like meal planning, PRO workout programs and no ads.

A free account will allow you to quickly enter and track the food you eat every day.   If you enter an item, the site will come back with a list of possible matches.  The matches I checked on were relevant and they included all the nutritional information.  The exercise log allows you to enter an exercise each time you do it or create an exercise that you regularly engage in so that you can simply hit a button each time you complete it.

I have to say that the free offerings on DailyBurn are more than enough to me.  The Web site says it will take me 6 weeks to reach my goal and that’s just enough time before my vacation to Healdsburg!

To see DailyBurn in action, click on the screencast below (best viewed in HD in full screen):

4 Responses to “DailyBurn Wants to Help You Reach Your Fitness Goals”

  1. OMG!! What an amazing site… thanks a mill. for reviewing it. 🙂

    luv ya,

  2. does this daily burn really work. i look very interesting and want to purchse but i need to do my home work. do you have any testimonials?

  3. Whoa! pretty cool, I definatly will be checking it out…Thanks

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