SuperMinder Is A Super-quick Reminder Service!


SuperMinder allows you to set reminders for anything you need to remember, and have them sent to your email or cell phone.  There are no extra bells and whistles – just set your reminder and get on with your day.


In order to sign up, all you need to do is enter in your email address and select a password.  You’ll be brought right into your account to start setting up your reminders.  Of course, you still need to go into your settings to send a verification to your email and/or cell phone in order to receive the reminders:) .

To set a reminder, just select the day, time, enter in what you need to remember, and choose to be reminded through email or SMS.  That’s it!  It’s a super clean interface and is straightforward in what it’s supposed to do.


It appears that you only get 2 SMS reminders for free, and after that you’ll need to purchase additional credits.  8 bucks for 30, 13 bucks for 50, and 25 bucks for 100.  There’s not really a lot information on this pricing scale that I could find, so they may want to post some sort of help or FAQ page to help out their users.

To see SuperMinder in action, check out the screencast below (best viewed in HD in full screen):

One Response to “SuperMinder Is A Super-quick Reminder Service!”

  1. Hey Molzzz…

    I think its not much of a goodie when u have the same feature on igoogle calender for FREE.

    What do u say?


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