Share Pieces of the Web Using Amplify


Amplify is a cool tool that lets you create clips that show what you are reading online.  You can either log in using OAuth on Twitter or you can create an Amplify account.

You’ll then have to install the utility that will allow you to grab snippits of Web sites.  Now you are ready to go.  You can clip text, portions of text, pictures and video.  You can select items from multiple sites to include in one clip.
Amplify gives you the option to sync up your posts with Facebook, Twitter, ClipMark and Delicious so that when you create a new clip a link to that clip will be posted on those sites.

You can easily share your clip log (or clog) with others and they can comment on your clip.  I think it’s a pretty cool way to take bits and pieces from interesting sites without having to send someone multiple urls.

To see Amplify in action, click on the screencast below (best viewed in HD in full screen):

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