Fonolo Helps You Bypass Annoying Phone Menus And Records Your Calls


You know when you call certain businesses and you’re given the warning, “Your call may be recorded to ensure quality service” or something of that nature?  Well, the team at Fonolo is giving you that very same power.  Not only that, but you can completely bypass all of the annoying phone menus and access the point of customer care that you’re looking for.


The entire process is very simple: Create an account, search for the company you want to call, and select the menu in the phone tree that you wish to access.  If you’ve added your phone number to your account then Fonolo will call you once it’s connected and you can get straight to the point.  From there you can simply click on the “start recording” button and your call will be recorded.  You can also add notes and bookmark companies that you frequently call.  The recording can later be played online or you can download it.


There’s also a nice feature called “Quick Tones” that allows you to add longs strings of numbers, like your frequent flier number, and then you can have Fonolo enter them in for you with one click.  This isn’t recommended for things like credit cards, but if you’re always calling your cable company or car insurance carrier, then this could come in handy when asked for your account number.

To see Fonolo in action, watch the screencast below (best viewed in HD in full screen):

[via Lifehacker]

4 Responses to “Fonolo Helps You Bypass Annoying Phone Menus And Records Your Calls”

  1. Nice demo. I have to wonder about their business model though — is it really just getting companies to pay for their service, or is it just as much based on collecting account info and other details from consumers unwise enough to key those details into a call routed through a third party? Perhaps I’m too paranoid. 🙂

  2. Demogirl: Thanks for doing a great screencast!

    chewtoy: I can assure you that we are not collecting account info from our users. We have a very strict privacy policy that you can read at

    – Shai, CEO of Fonolo.

  3. It’s pretty amazing what you can do online ..It was not that long ago that you were wondering who just called your when you were not
    at home. Now you can only see who’s the unknown caller .. and also spy on who’s talking to your lover :))

    It’s crazy … You can even find the address by a simple phone number.. Wonder what’s gonna come next ?

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