Quickly Create and Share Lists With Itumz


I was reading MakeUseOf today and a word in one of their titles caught my eye.  The word was list — I saw that word and, of course, I clicked through to check out list-creating Web site itumz.


Itumz is a web-based tool that lets you quickly create lists and then share them with others via a custom link — you can also share the link quickly through facebook, twitter, digg and stumbleupon.

You can create a list without signing up, but the list won’t be saved until you create a free account . The service could be a cool way to share lists with friends and colleagues, or just to keep track of yourself. If you forget to save changes to your lists, itumz has you covered — the site automatically saves your changes as you make them.  Itumz also has a mobile version available.

To see itumz in action, check out the screencast below (best viewed in HD in full screen):

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