Create and Manage Invoices Online With Invoicera


Invoicera provides users with a quick and easy way to manage online billing.  The site offers a very basic free account, or you can go with a paid account — ranging in price from $7/mo. to $149/mo.


The site itself is fairly easy to use.  I did have to search around a bit to find out how to enter payments received.  But setting up clients and creating invoices is a breeze.  One feature I like is the ability to set up employee access — this allows managers to easily keep track of the amount each employee is billing for.

I would be willing to pay to use the service if there was an integration of expenses and liabilities available.

To see Invoicera in action, click on the screencast below (best viewed in HD in full screen):

3 Responses to “Create and Manage Invoices Online With Invoicera”

  1. 1 carlbdc

    I’ve looked at several invoice programs to no avail. What I want is a system that gives a client’s opening balance, how much they’ve paid, new work and a closing balance.

    Systems that track each invoice individually are great for many businesses, but for my consulting practice, as with many professional services, it’s best to have a monthly bottom line for all activity.

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  3. Hi Maureen

    Thanks for sparing time time and writing about Invoicera. It was indeed a pleasure reading the review. I would also like to inform you that we are coming up with expenses and liabilities tracking this month. Also we have added some exciting new features to provide a highly robust online invoicing application.

    Once again, thanks for those kind words

    Warm Regards
    Naveen Gupta

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