Create And Share Screencasts Instantly With Screenjelly


Screenjelly is a handy tool that allows you to record your screen and then instantly tweet, email, or simply upload your creation. It gives you a great way to quickly show your Mom how to add her profile pic to her Facebook page, or to simply show off new features of your Web application.  Screencasts are extremely useful, and Screenjelly makes creating and sharing them easy.


There’s not much of a learning curve with Screenjelly.  All you need to do is select the microphone you wish to record audio with (or select the option to not record audio) and click on record.  You’ll have 5 seconds to prepare yourself and then up to 3 minutes to record.  Screenjelly records your entire screen and there aren’t any editing tools so make sure that you have your screen all set up for what you want to record.

When you’re through recording you can instantly tweet out a link, send it via email, or upload it to your Screenjelly account.  Public videos can be seen on the Screenjelly homepage and you can even tip people who create useful screencasts using TipJoy.


You need to sign into Screenjelly using your Twitter credentials – and that’s where I ran into a problem.  Unfortunately, when I checked the box next to “keep this video private” I assumed that it wouldn’t be tweeted out to my followers.  The problem here is that when I later tried to “favor” the video (just to see what would happen) it automatically sent out a tweet saying something like, “I liked this video on Screenjelly”.  Not a huge deal, and I did receive a response from Screenjelly minutes after I tweeted my irritation explaining that “Forthcoming changes will prevent this”.  Still, I feel that there should be more settings in place to allow me to select whether or not I want to tweet videos out at all – which I probably won’t most of the time.  I don’t want to mistakenly tweet out a test video (which was what happened yesterday). If you want to try out Screenjelly and don’t want to give out your Twitter credentials just yet, then do what I did and create a fake account.  Works just fine.

To see Screenjelly in action, watch the screencast below (best viewed in HD in full screen):

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  1. 1 T3CK

    Thanks for posting this information But Jing does the samething as ScreenJelly after you have created your screen cast jing gives you link to share on Twitter, email, Facebook, etc. check it out for your self

    • They are similar but you don’t need to install anything in order to use Screenjelly. I’ve been aware of Jing for quite a while, and it’s a great tool. You can do a bit more with Jing, but since they already have screencasts explaining their service, I thought I’d show off Screenjelly. Thanks for the tip!

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