Web Based Screencast Software: Screenr Vs. Screenjelly


Last week I reviewed Screenjelly, a service that allows you to create screencasts that can be sent to Twitter.  This week there’s a new kid on the block, Screenr, so I thought I’d give it a whirl to see  how the two compared.  A lot like Screenjelly, Screenr allows you to quickly and easily create screencasts which can be sent to Twitter.


BUT, Screenr also allows you to download your screencasts and upload them to YouTube.  Another feature Screenr is ahead with is allowing you to resize the recording window.  Screenjelly only allows you to record your entire screen…and that doesn’t make for a very pretty screencast.

Screenjelly allows you to keep your videos private, but Screenr doesn’t currently seem to have any privacy settings, except to just delete a video.  So if I create a video that I want to keep in my account for future reference, I have to also share it with the Screenr community.


Both services seem to have certain features that are missing from one, but present in the other.  Most important to me?  I’d like to see both products add better privacy settings.

To see Screenr in action, watch the screencast below (best viewed in HD in full screen):

7 Responses to “Web Based Screencast Software: Screenr Vs. Screenjelly”

  1. amazing comparison, thank you!

  2. Hmmm that privacy is a big one if you’re doing bit screencasts to tell your dev dudes what is up with what.

  3. 3 Alex

    ScreenCamera is a desktop application, not a web based application, but it allows me to make live real-time screencasts through Skype, LiveStream, AOL messenger, or any other program or website that supports live video. ScreenCamera is not web-based but it sure is awsome for all types of web users.


  4. 4 Ronald H.

    This is a great application. Even moreso because its free. I guess this means I need to go out a buy a microphone for my computer now, right.

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