A Quick Look at Yahoo Meme


Yahoo Meme is a Microblogging service from Yahoo that recently launched in English.  Basically, Yahoo Meme gives you a way to quickly post text (140 characters), images, videos from YouTube and Vimeo, and MP3’s (you can only link to an MP3 on the Web).  These items can quickly be reposted by other users and commented on.  It’s currently invite only, but once you receive an invite you can sign in with your Yahoo credentials.


You can create a brief profile with a title and description of your Meme, a photo, and that’s about it.  You can choose to follow other Meme users so you can keep up with what they’re posting.  The reposing feature works quite nicely, and you can keep track of conversations about an item by viewing the comment thread.


When I got the invite to Yahoo Meme and signed in, my first thought was, “So…it’s Tumblr without all the features?”.  That’s pretty much what I still think, even after browsing around the site for a bit today, but I’m willing to give it some time since it’s still in the very early stages of development (I hope).

To see Yahoo Meme in action, watch the screencast below (best viewed in HD in full screen):

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