Clicker: Like Tivo For Online Video


Clicker helps you find and save video that’s available to watch online, from sources all over the Web.  It’s in private beta now but I received an invite and thought I’d show you around.


After you sign in you can immediately start searching for your favorite TV shows, movies, music, and Web originals to save to your playlist.  When you find what you’re looking for (using TV as an example) you can add an entire season or just a single episode.  If you add an entire season then every time an episode is available to view online, it will be dropped right into your account.


Clicker is also part wiki – meaning that you can edit the show descriptions, tags, and add notes and character descriptions.  These edits are reviewed by the Clicker staff before publication.


After you watch a video that you have in your queue playlist it will automatically be placed in your “watched video” section so you can find it again.  On the Clicker about page they note that Netflix will soon be added so I assume that you’ll be able to also store movies available on “Watch Instant”. You can sign up to get an invite to the service here.

To see Clicker in action, watch the screencast below (best viewed in HD in full screen):

5 Responses to “Clicker: Like Tivo For Online Video”

  1. oh that is so cool I bookmarked that one!!!!

  2. Love it… I have an invite but haven’t tried it out yet. Thanks for inside look….

  3. I found out about Clicker on the Tech Crunch 50 video post. I am very excited about all its functionality! I especially can’t wait until the Boxee app is released! I run Boxee on a Windows machine and Apple TV ever since the original beta trial back in November 2008.

    Put my invite in that day. Can’t wait till I get in to test drive it. Clicker seems to bring many things to light that many other on line video sites just have not implemented yet. Should make viewing any on line content much easier and more available to users.

  4. 4 ileaneb

    I just love your screencasting skillz! But I’ll be glad when I can get access to Clicker too. Thanks for the preview

  1. 1 Clicker: Demo of Functions by Demo Girl | Paul J Roberts

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