Get Useful Feedback on your Web Projects with Notable


We here at DemoGirl have been working to get a fresh site up, but sometimes the collaboration process is a bit laborious.  I’m thinking things might move along a bit more if we use something like Notable.


Notable provides users with the tools to quickly give or receive feedback on a Web project.  You can sign up for the free service, or choose one of the paid accounts.  Once you are signed up you can quickly capture pages or images — either with their Firefox plug-in, an upload or simply by using your browser — and save them to a workspace.  You and the people you invite (or you can make the workspace public) can then start adding notes about the project.

Notes can be added to the screenshot by simply selecting areas with your mouse.  You can also add feedback to the code or just the copy of a site or application.  Comments can be made on the overall project or just on specific notes. And you can keep track of who is providing the feedback to your project.  Notable seems like it would fit the bill for the small project we are working on — plus, it might be easier for Molzy to use Notable to tell me that my design scheme sucks.

To see Notable in action, click on the screencast below (best viewed in HD in full screen):

[via: techcrunch]

One Response to “Get Useful Feedback on your Web Projects with Notable”

  1. 1 ileaneb

    Hi Molly and Maureen. I found your site about 3 weeks ago and I have enjoyed reading your posts here. I think I left a comment before. If you are moving to a different site, please keep providing the same level of news about the latest software around. You are doing a fantastic job and I’m sure any change will only be for the better. As for Notable, I’m not sure how effective this will be for you. I think it will depend on the quality of the feedback you receive. How many people will you invite, and do the commentors need to have Firefox as their browser too?

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