Act Like a Superstar Movie Maker with Stupeflix


Stupeflix is a fun site that helps you  create movies out of your images and video.


All you need to do is add your media and Stupeflix does most of the “editing” for you.  You can add text and music to your movie and download it when you’re done.  The entire process should only take a few minutes, but could take more if you want to add a lot of media and/or detail to your movie.   All of this is done within the Stupeflix Editor, and you can choose how much work you want to put into it – you can choose transitions and colors, or you can have Stupeflix do it for you.


When adding media you have the choice to upload your own, add URLs to images on the Web, or you can choose images from Flickr.  There doesn’t seem to be a limit to how much media you can add or the length of the final video – which is really nice.  When you’re done editing your video you can choose to have Stupeflix produce a large video that is YouTube ready, a medium size video which is iPhone ready, or a large or medium flash video.

Stupeflix is free to use and doesn’t require any downloads.

To see Stupeflix in action, watch the screencast below (best viewed in HD in full screen):

7 Responses to “Act Like a Superstar Movie Maker with Stupeflix”

  1. I really enjoyed your screencast Molly, it’s so good I want to show it to new Stupeflix Studio users, good work!

  2. that was a great screencast! thank you for making it.

  3. 3 patricia cone

    I can hardly wait to try this!

  4. 4 Louise

    What a brilliant programme – can’t wait to check it out!

  5. Hi there.

    I learn a lot here and I thank you for it!

    I’m suffering from analysis paralysis re selection of a video player for my blog that would play videos I make, many using the Flip video camera. The idea is to use you tube teaser videos to drive viewers to my blog where they will view a full version of the topic teased about on you tube.

    Anyway, Stupeflix stirs some creative juices. Can you point me to an example that that mashes both pics and video? And where can I learn how to upload a video made with Stupeflix to you tube?

    By the way, seems that you abandoned wordpress video player for youtube… true?

    Thanks for any input!


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