Get Bids From Multiple Service Providers With Redbeacon


Redbeacon is a service that connects service providers (anything from a handyman to an accountant) to consumers who need such services.


On the requesting end, all you need to do is select the service that you need, enter in the date(s) and time that you’d like it done, and add any important information that will help the person give you an accurate quote.  You can then choose how long you would like your request to appear – anywhere from 4 hours to 48 hours.  Redbeacon will then send out your request to relevant service providers and they can bid on whatever you need done and also ask you questions.  If you decide on a provider you can set up the appointment right from Redbeacon.


As a service provider you can use Redbeacon to post your services.  You can add a logo, contact information (only available when you win a bid) and you can opt to receive text messages so you never miss out on a job.  There’s also a handy map so you can display how far you’re willing to travel.

I created some test jobs for a personal trainer and a housekeeper and within 20 minutes I had 5 bids total.  Pretty impressive considering they just launched in the Bay area a couple of days ago.

To see Redbeacon in action, watch the screencast below:

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