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19Oct09 allows you to quickly and easily create lists out of links that you find on the Web.  You can share these lists with friends and allow others to add links to your list, which is great for collaboration.  It’s free to use and only requires a sign-up if you wish to use all of the handy features.


You begin by giving your list a name – I called my first list, “Recipe Ideas for Thanksgiving,” which I filled with links to online recipes that I’m thinking of making for Thanksgiving.  I made my list public and allowed others to add to the list.  When you enable these features, other people can see your list and add relevant links to it.  People can also reply to a list, which really just creates a new list which will be linked to the original list.  The “reply” feature had me a bit confused at first, so hopefully when you see it in the screencast you’ll get my drift. There’s also a bookmarklet which enables you to add links to your lists, wherever you are on the Web.


You can share the URL of your Linklist with friends and grab the embed code for your own blog or Website.  People can also subscribe to your different lists so they’ll know when you add something new.

Linklist doesn’t have set rules for how you should use it, and that’s one of the reasons I like it so much.  Planning a vacation?  Create an ideas Linklist and share it with your traveling companion.  Want to show off a list of your favorite blogs?  Create a favorites Linklist and share it with your Twitter followers.  Check it out and if you create a Linklist, share it in the comments!

To see Linklist in action, watch the screencast below:

[via Larry Ferlazzo]

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