Stereo8 – Internet Radio Powered by the Users


Stereo8 is an Internet radio station that puts the users in charge of the music.  It’s completely free to use and there’s no sign up needed in order to listen to music – only if you wish to add your own and vote for songs.


There are currently 5 stations available:  Hip hop/Rap, Pop/Hits, Video Games, Dance/Electronic, and Rock/Alternative.  Just choose the station you want to tune into and then vote on the songs that you think should be played next.  The more votes a song gets, the better chance it will have of being sent up to “upcoming” songs, which will guarantee that it plays (I think).

You can add your own music to Stereo8 and it will remain there until it’s played or for 48 hours, whichever happens first.


I really like the clean, no-nonsense approach of Stereo8.  As of now there doesn’t seem to be a way to create a personalized profile and add friends – and that’s what I like.  It’s just a place to listen to Internet radio and occasionally vote on what you want to hear.  It allows you to discover new music and share what you love. Check out the screencast below to see Stereo8 in action:

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