Duffel is a Wish List for Trip Planning


Duffel is a trip planning tool that allows you to clip and save ideas and links for places you are planning on visiting or for a vacation that you dream of someday taking.


Creating a Duffel is simple:   Select the location of where you want to go, give your trip a name such as, “When I win the lottery,” and then choose to make it private or public.  Your Duffel will then be created and open preloaded with suggestions of where to stay, sightseeing attractions, and notes that can be edited.


If you added dates to your Duffel (you don’t have to add dates, which is helpful since most of my trips are wishful thinking) then you can drag and drop notes and activities under each day that you’ll be in a location to create an itinerary.  You can also invite friends to join you on Duffel and allow them to collaborate with you.  You can add other Duffel users as contacts so that in the future you can easily invite them to collaborate on a trip.

Probably the most useful aspect of Duffel is the bookmarklet.  It allows you to add any Web page that you’re viewing to a Duffel and add notes, phone numbers, and addresses.  So if I find myself on a Website for a luxurious hotel in Paris, I can simply click on “Add to Duffel” and add it to my “When Pigs Fly” trip.  To see Duffel in action, check out the screencast below (best viewed in HD in full screen):

2 Responses to “Duffel is a Wish List for Trip Planning”

  1. Hi Molly,

    Thanks for the screencast. I can’t explain how great of a job you’ve done illustrating our trip planner! Love every minute of it. Keep up the good stuff!


  2. Hi Will –

    I had a little trouble using Duffel till I saw this demo. Should link to it on your site front and center. Good luck.

    TripCart – http://www.tripcart.com/ did just that in a similar area – Road Trip Planner – and a great demo by Demo girl

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