Launches eCards for Business Just in Time for the Holidays


If you’d like to send holiday cards to your clients but don’t have the time or the money to buy, customize, and mail out plain old greeting cards, then eCards for Business may be just what you (and the happy little trees!) have been looking for.


pingg_business_logo, an online invitation and party planning service, is behind eCards for business and they were nice enough to set us up with our own account to try out the new service.

In short, eCards for business allow you to create eCards that are branded with your company logo, which you can provide to your employees to send out to their clients.  The eCards can be viewed on a Webpage with a custom URL, via email, text message, and/or you can opt to have pingg print out and mail the cards to your chosen recipients.

A really great feature of eCards for business is a customized Splash Page that pingg will create for you.  You can add a logo, choose specific card designs that you want your employees to use, and add notes.  After your Splash Page has been created you’ll just need to point your employees to the URL and they can simply click on a link to create eCards for their clients with your companies branding and specific designs.  You can also encourage your employees to use your company eCards to send their family members holiday greetings.  Your eCard Website is also completely ad-free. (In my screencast I don’t make this point clear – note that if you sign up for eCards for business, there is no additional charge for removing ads). You can find pricing information and learn more about how pingg will create your customized Splash Page here.


To learn more about eCards for business and see it in action, check out the screencast below (best viewed in HD in full screen):

3 Responses to “ Launches eCards for Business Just in Time for the Holidays”

  1. Hey Molly –

    Thanks so much for doing a great demo of the service! A couple of small things to clarify:

    – there are no extra charges for ad-free, this is included in the base service packages (we will try and get that $5 option removed from the EC4B interface)
    – companies can also customize the main image on the splash page

    Thanks again!

    – the pingg team

  2. BTW dgirl readers, if you know someone who might be interested in the service, tell them about it here:

    and have a chance to win a 32GB iPod Nano…

    Cheers ~

    – pingg

  3. Really awesome post! Thanks for letting me know about pingg!

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