Never Lose a Note Again with Scribbly


Scribbly is an application that runs on Adobe Air which allows you to quickly take notes and then email them to yourself with one click.  Its feature set still leaves a lot to be desired, but it’s still a useful little tool and worth a look.

After you install it you just need to click on the icon located in your system tray and add your email address to the settings so Scribbly will know where to send your notes.  You can jot down notes, copy and past links and even quickly add a time-stamp by clicking on the clock icon.  That’s really about it.  I do have my own requests for features, of course:

  • – The ability to add multiple email addresses so I can send my shopping list to my boyfriend fiance :).
  • – A button so that I can clear the list – right now it seems that I have to delete items myself.
  • – More control over how Scribbly behaves.  I’d like the option to have it go away after inactivity instead of having to hit the Esc key.

To see Scribbly in action, watch the screencast below:

[via Digital Inspiration]

2 Responses to “Never Lose a Note Again with Scribbly”

  1. Hey,

    I am the Scribbly developer. Thanks for using scribbly. I like all your requested features and will definitely include them in the next release.


  2. 2 Chris


    This article and video is about an older Scribbly version, Can you include the screencast of updated version.


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