10 Things that I WILL DO in 2010


I just read over my post from Dec. 31st 2008 and, if I had a tail it would be between my legs.  Seriously, I’m ashamed of myself.

I’m not so much ashamed that I didn’t actually accomplish everything (or anything??) on my list but I’m ashamed because I feel as if I didn’t even try very hard to change my habits of years past.  Stop drinking coffee?  Yeah, that lasted about 2 days.  Spend more time being “artistic”?  Nope, the canvas and paints are still packed away, possibly even further back in the hall closet.  Work on improving my writing?  If you’re still reading this then you’re probably shaking your head thinking, “why didn’t she at least work on her writing?”.

I guess I didn’t really put a lot of thought into the list I came up with last year.  I don’t even know why I wanted to stop drinking coffee – I drink one cup a day, I think I’ll live.

So this year  I decided to come up with things that I WILL ABSOLUTELY accomplish in 2010.  Things that, if are not accomplished, will have a very negative affect on my life.  If these things don’t happen then I may actually vanish…

  1. Pay parking tickets in a timely manner.
  2. Plan a wedding.
  3. Marry this guy .
  4. Build an office space.
  5. Purchase an iPhone to build a wider range of possible clients. Demo iPhone applications.
  6. Get an invite to Google Voice.
  7. Quit my gym membership.  I haven’t been in 6 months.
  8. New design for DemoGirl. (I know. We’ve been promising this for years but things come up!)
  9. Unfollow noisy people on Twitter and not feel bad about it. (I’ve already started this one.)
  10. Stop bringing my laptop to bed with me. (Should be easy once I get my iPhone 🙂 )

There you have it.  10 things that I really have to do in the next year to ensure my survival, for both personal and work-related reasons.

Happy New Year!!  I hope to see you right back here in 2010!

5 Responses to “10 Things that I WILL DO in 2010”

  1. Some great plans for 2010, especially #3. Congrats! Though I can relate to #10 the most. Currently I find myself having a laptop and an Android phone in my bed. This should be changed, I guess.

    Anyway, Happy New Year to you as well.

  2. 2 Mo

    O.K. Quit your gym already! You have a freakin’ wii and no one lives below you:)
    Great list. I’ll try to work on the new site thing with Tom.
    Happy New Year Donkey! HeeHaw!

  3. Well, good luck on following through on all that (and congrats on the wedding!) But I’d know better than to even *try* forsaking coffee for a resolution. I think it’s positively good for you.

  4. Happy Twenty-Ten and Congratulations, Molly!!!

  5. 5 Janine

    I know what you mean about the 2009 list. I don’t even know where I put mine…lol
    I suppose organization wasn’t on my list. I haven’t made a 2010 list…yet another thing to tackle….procrastination. 🙂

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