Use Google City Tours to Map Sightseeing Hot Spots


Google City Tours is a Labs project that has some pretty helpful features for people planning a trip to an unfamiliar city.  You can begin by entering in the name or address of the place where you’ll be staying.  From there, Google City Tours will load a map with various points of interest that you can walk to from your originating point.  Each destination shows an approximate amount of time it should take you to walk as well as walking directions from point A to point B to point C…

You can also remove and add points of interest to the map and include the number of days you’ll be in town so that your sightseeing can be spread out over a few days.

I really like Google City Tours, especially because my Mom is coming to visit me in San Francisco next month and I would love her to map out all the places we can walk to from her hotel.  With that said, these are my issues:

  • How do you save your Google City Tour?  I couldn’t find a “save” link anywhere.
  • Can you share your City Tour with, for instance, the person who’s visiting?
  • I’d like options to switch from walking to driving to public transit.  My Mom is NOT going to walk to the Golden Gate Bridge from Union Square.

Of course, Google City Tours is in Labs, which means that it’s a work in progress.  Those are just some things that I think should be at the top of the “to-do” list for the people working on it 🙂 .

To see Google City Tours in action, watch the screencast below:

[via Lifehacker]

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