Create Your Own Custom Newspaper with NewsCred


NewsCred is a service that allows you to create customized online newspapers, loaded with only the content that interests you.

To get started you just need to give your paper a name and choose a URL.  Then you can search for and select topics that you want included.  That’s it.  You’ll be taken to your new site  with the top nine topics as your front page.  Each topic will have the most popular headlines shown and you can click through to view the story.  You can customize the look of your paper and discover other users papers to follow.  You can also become an editor yourself and write your own news!

If you upgrade to a Pro account you’ll be able to use a custom domain (removing any “NewsCred” branding), run ads to make some cash, and have more control over customization.

To see more of  what NewsCred can offer, watch the screencast below:

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