Use 1DayLater to Track your Work and Personal Life


1DayLater is an application that allows you to track the hours you work on projects, the distance you drive everyday, money you spend on groceries, hours you put in at the gym, and anything else you can squeeze into a day.

Using 1DayLater is extremely easy – Enter in hours, mileage, or money spent and then a project/client name and description.  A project/client name could be for anything you want to track, so if you’re tracking how much you spend at Whole Foods every week you would put “Whole Foods” into the project/client field.  Lastly, add the date and click on “Go”.  This activity will be placed into your activity stream for that day and the amount you entered will be added to any other day that you created an activity for that project.

You can view a graph that shows just what you’re spending your time on and export your data for further use.  Future features include invoicing information and mileage calculation.

To see how 1DayLater can help you track your life, watch the screencast below:

[via WebWorkerDaily]

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