Are you Charging your Clients Enough for your Work?


If you’re a freelancer you may find it hard to determine a fair hourly rate to charge your clients and still make a decent living.  You don’t want to overcharge because you need to remain competitive – however, if you undercharge clients you won’t be able to to do things like pay rent and buy groceries.

That’s where the FreelanceSwitch Hourly Rate Calculator comes in.  It helps you calculate what you spend annually on business expenses, personal costs for things like rent and car repairs, and how much you want to put into savings each year.  It combines this information with how many days and hours a year you work, along with the percentage of hours you can actually bill people, and spits out an estimate of how much you should be billing your clients.

To see how the FreelanceSwitch Hourly Rate Calculator can help you make more money, watch the screencast below:

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