What to do with Google Buzz (Screencast)


When I logged into Gmail this morning I finally saw what I really wanted to see yesterday afternoon – “Buzz”.  It was right where everyone said it would be, under my inbox tab.

After spending a few hours poking around and (unsuccessfully) searching for some help topics on exactly who can see what, I think I finally got the gist of Google Buzz. Oh, and just in case you’re wondering, I like it. I like it a lot.

To learn how to get started using Google Buzz, watch the screencast below:

3 Responses to “What to do with Google Buzz (Screencast)”

  1. 1 No Buzz

    I don’t like buzz, google does not do a good job showing what will be public and for a lot of people that use gmail as there main email account it will open up issues with people you work with seeing things you post if you dont watch it. all and all it makes me want gmail less. why not make buzz its own app that you can add to gmail or make it part of wave instead. I want my email to be email and thats it.

  2. in Google Reader (which ends up on Buzz) you’re invited to tag the content.

  3. I haven’t really figured out the all the buzz around buzz. Its certainly not easy to ignore, since when I sign in to check my mail, its right there staring right back at me. But since I am already hooked to twitter, its gonna take me time to transition to Buzz. Though they haven’t really introduced anything that isn’t already out there, so there isn’t much incentive for me to switch over.

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