DemoGirl gets App Happy! First iPhone App Video is in: WordPress


I’m super excited to announce a first on DemoGirl (insert suspenseful drum-roll here). App Happy: iPhone App Reviews for Everyone.  Or something like that.  Ok, so now that I got that out of the way, and you’ve all had a chance to put on a fresh pair of underwear, let me explain:

This past weekend I got my hands on an iPhone, rigged up a mini-iPhone recording studio, and went to work.  I chose the WordPress iPhone App because I use WordPress on a daily basis and, in all seriousness, it is a super useful App for anyone who uses WordPress.

Technically this is not a screencast.  But, I am recording the screen of the iPhone and our mission remains, to help everyone understand and see how to use fun and helpful applications – Web-based or, now, mobile.

Please watch the video below and let me know what you think in the comments.  Is the lighting terrible?  Is it too hard to see the iPhone in action?  Am I in desperate need of a manicure?  Or do you think this is the most amazing thing you have ever seen in your entire life?  Your feedback is so important to me and I thank you in advance.

8 Responses to “DemoGirl gets App Happy! First iPhone App Video is in: WordPress”

  1. (Bad engrish follows, you’re warned!)

    The image is clear, the text in the iPhone screen is perfectly readable, the audio is perfect…overall, a great iPhone screencast. On with the criticism now :]

    The camera angle looks a bit odd, the background could be a clear white/black (maybe tweak your “mini-iPhone recording studio” a bit?)

    Did you cover the iPhone’s metallic frame with some plastic/rubber/silicone/thing? You probably use it to protect your precious gadget, but if you did it to focus the viewer attention on the app itself…it didn’t worked for me. I lost my attention trying to figure out what was covering the frame and had to rewind the video a bit to catch up. My suggestion is to leave the iPhone “naked” in the videos, people will relate better with the image (since the device will look exactly like the one they own) and you won’t lose their attention.

  2. @ Bruno – Thank you so much for the honest feedback! I agree, the camera angle is a bit weird and I’ll work on that.
    As far as the iPhone frame, you are right! It’s in a clear skin, protecting the phone. I didn’t even think about how iPhone users would be offended to this so the next one will be a naked one – iPhone that is 🙂 Thanks for the help to make the next video even better!

  3. congrats, what a great post. I think David’s comment is very unique, and while I didn’t get distracted during the video I think taking the cover off may be a good idea as it did crowd the view.

    thanks for sharing, i’ll be sure to check back for more!


  4. Molly, I think the “screencast” looks great.

    Have you tried experimenting with some other camera angle like placing the camera right above the phone?

  5. Nice video. I think at times it dragged on a bit, but that’s likely just because I’m already a user of the app. Anyway, good luck with your videos. I’ll bookmark this site anyway, since it would be interesting to see if you review anything I might be interested in using.

    As stated before, yes the camera angle was a bit odd, but I’m not going to complain, since it didn’t affect the viewing of the actual app itself.

    • @ Amit – Thanks! I’m going to try a few different camera angles this weekend and definitely try to keep the entire phone in view.

      @ Joel – I agree that it did lag in a few areas, specifically when I was typing. I don’t think you would use this app to write out long blog posts but more for quick updates and managing comments. Hopefully I’ll have some fresh content up soon with a new, useful app 🙂

  6. Great video,
    Looks very professional but the review feels more like a tutorial then a review.
    It was missing things like “pros” and “cons”, and maybe some sort of grade for the app (like a “9 out of 10” or “5 stars” or whatever).

    Hope this helps 🙂

    • Gil – Thanks for watching the video! You made a great point saying that it was “more like a tutorial then a review”. I guess what we do most here is more in the style of tutorials, so I shouldn’t have added “review” in the description. You got me to thinking that I need to either remove “review” or start a rating system like you suggested – and I really like that suggestion! I think over the next few weeks, as I get more iPhone app videos up, I’ll have to see what direction I end up going. I’m still not sure…

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