App Happy Ep 2: Siri iPhone App Wants to be your Virtual Personal Assistant


Siri is a virtual personal assistant that lives in your iPhone.  It can help you find a place to get a bite to eat, show you movie listings, and even remind you to call your Mom on her birthday.

You have two options when using Siri – You can type out what you’re looking for or you can say it to Siri and it will do its best to figure out what you’re saying.  For example, you could simply tap “restaurants” and then choose what type of food you’re looking for and where.  Siri will grab reviews, menus (if available) and even allow you to add notes to your selection.  You can then map it, email it, or save it to your Siri bookmarks.  You can also choose the “say it” option and say what you want.  I tried saying, “Shutter Island, San Francisco” into my phone and Siri immediately recognized that I was looking for movie listings for “Shutter Island” in San francisco.  It brought up theaters close to me and gave me the option to reserve tickets.

You can say things like, “remind me to call the dentist” and Siri should send that info into the reminders section of your account and allow you to add a time for Siri to email you and remind you to call the dentist.  This only seemed to work about half of the time.  Sometimes it would recognize “remind” and sometimes it would think I was saying “find”.

Another little problem I had was with finding restaurants near me.  Siri doesn’t seem to know of any pizza places closer than 10 miles to my house – And that is definitely not the case.  It was also telling me that some restaurants were much farther away from my location then they actually are.  With that said, this is definitely not a deal breaker for me as Siri does much more than just find restaurants and set reminders.  You can request a cab, get the current weather, set dinner reservations, and pretty much anything else that you would have a real personal assistant do.  Except this one is free. Get Siri in the iTunes App Store here.

To see Siri in action, watch the video below:

2 Responses to “App Happy Ep 2: Siri iPhone App Wants to be your Virtual Personal Assistant”

  1. ALL IN ONE… I would say.on can simply type what he want OR say it to Siri and result will be on your iphone screen.Really nice app…

    Thanks for Sharing

  2. Very cool app and great demo!

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