Combines Real Paper Invites with Convenient Online Response


Remember the days of sending out real paper invitations to your friends and then waiting patiently by the phone for them to call with their response?  OK, so some of you are probably too young to remember those days, which is unfortunate since it’s a much more personal way to introduce your event to your friends and family.  Evitations are the norm these days and, sadly, the chance of actually receiving an invitation in the mail is very rare.

RSVPhere is a site that wants to blend the convenience of online party planning with the ever-so-rare paper invite.

All you need to do is create an RSVPhere account and add all of your event details.  You can even ask questions of your guests that they’ll need to answer when responding – Things like, “What type of wine do you prefer” or, “Do you have any dietary restrictions” are extremely helpful when planning an event.  After you’ve added all of your info you’ll create a code that guests will need to respond to your event online.  This code, along with an event ID, will be printed on your paper invites that you send to your guests.  Instead of sending out a response card (and hoping that nobody loses it or forgets to drop it in the mail) your guests can simply enter the code into the RSVPhere site and respond with a few clicks.  They don’t need to sign up for anything and it just takes a minute.  As the party planner, you also save some cash on stamps.

To see all of the great features of RSVPhere, watch the screencast below:

2 Responses to “ Combines Real Paper Invites with Convenient Online Response”

  1. is a great add on service for getting responses fast for your event. It’s easy, free, and with most everyone having email and web access – it really makes it fast and easy for others to reply to traditional invites while they are thinking about it easily. So the host gets information faster, and the guests get an easy/quick way to reply online. Brilliant! Great overview DemoGirl – enjoyed the explanation.

  2. Molly, you rocked this demo girl! Thank you!

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