Turn into a Power Shopper with ZipList


ZipList is a service that helps you quickly throw together your shopping list in a seriously organized manner.  You can use it at home on your computer or on the go on your mobile phone.

You can create many lists and each item that you add will automatically be placed into the correct category of where you can find it in the store.  For example, typing in “milk;cheese;bread;tomatoes” will result in 3 categories: dairy, bread, and produce.  Each item will go into the correct category for you – preventing you from having to run back and forth around the store.

You can use the ZipList bookmarklet to easily add recipes to your recipebox and add items from that recipe to your list.  You can also choose to send your shopping list to a mobile phone or email address.

To see how I used ZipList, watch the screencast below:

5 Responses to “Turn into a Power Shopper with ZipList”

  1. I really like this one Molly. Looks like something all my daddy bloggers will love too on dadomatic.com. I’ll be sure to reference your screencast with a linkback.



  2. Thanks Pai! I was shocked at how it quickly categorized everything for me. I write out a grocery list a least 5 x’s a week so we’ll see if this is something I can stick with. I

  3. Sounds great! I hate writing real list, so maybe this will be the answer to that problem for me.

  4. I go to say, nice screencast. I didn’t know about this website.
    It is so easy to use. I love it 😉

  5. We could have integrated this into http://www.cingo.com back in the day.

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