2 iPhone Apps to Help you Celebrate Earth Day Every Day


I love that there’s one day a year dedicated to celebrating our wonderful Mother Earth.  One day a year when people will remember to bring their reusable grocery bags to the supermarket, think twice before buying that ginormous bottle of water imported from Fiji and one day when people will remember to put down the lid on the toilet.  Do you know how much water can evaporate out of the toilet when the lid is left open? Do you?? And thank goodness there are a ton of “green” iPhone apps to help us do our part. (Yes, I’m being snarky but I really am a hippy vegetarian so it’s OK 🙂  )

Here are my two favorites that I stumbled upon today:

Cruelty Free (iTunes link) is a helpful app for people who want to be sure that they are buying products that are NOT tested on animals. 

Find Green (iTunes link) is an app that helps you to find green businesses in your area.

Check out the screencast to learn more about the Cruelty Free and Find Green iPhone apps:

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