Great for On-The-Fly Design: Adobe Ideas iPhone App


Adobe Ideas (iTunes link) is an app for the iPhone and iPad that helps you quickly sketch out design ideas on a blank canvas or a photo.  There’s also a handy color palette generator for use on a new photo or an existing one. It’s completely free so even if you’re not very creative (you’ll see my level of creativity in this screencast 🙂 ) it’s still fun to use and can be useful for sharing simple design ideas with others.

To see the Adobe Ideas app in action, watch the screencast below:

2 Responses to “Great for On-The-Fly Design: Adobe Ideas iPhone App”

  1. 1 David

    Hi Demogirl – thanks! You didn’t notice that you can zoom in and out while drawing (standard two-finger pinch gesture).

  2. 2 Molly

    Hi David – No, I didn’t notice, which is silly because it’s a pretty important (and obvious) feature. But since I didn’t notice, maybe others won’t either?

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