Create Virtual Idea Boards on Pinterest


I finally got my invite for Pinterest this week and I’ve been having so much fun exploring all of the beautiful pinboards that early users have created.  It’s easy to create your own boards — when you come across something that strikes your fancy simply use the bookmarklet to “pin” it to your board.

If you find something you like on another person’s board (there is plenty to like) you can let them know by “liking” the item or “repinning” it to your own board.

I’m thinking Pinterest is going to be a great help for me in planning Molly’s upcoming bridal shower:)

I do have 10 invites — so let me know if you want one.

View the screencast here: 

4 Responses to “Create Virtual Idea Boards on Pinterest”

  1. Hi Molly. Looks pinteresting!!! I’d love to check it out if you still have any invites left.

    Thanks for head’s up and cool screencast!


  2. Thanks for the post on Pinterest Molly. Please send me an invite if you have any left!


  3. Great demo per usual! Any invites left over? Would love to check it out in more detail.

  4. 4 Ben

    Hi Molly. Just wanted to thank you for the really nice write up. If you have any suggestions (or if you need any more invites) feel free to get in touch.

    Happy pinning!


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