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ShareMyMap is a fun tool that allows you to create maps of customized neighborhoods.  It’s free to use and you can have your first map up and running in just minutes.

To create your first map you’ll just need to enter in a general location, like San Francisco, and then you can zoom in as needed to get the default zoom point set.  You can then add a title for your map, like ‘Dive Bars’, add a photo, a description, and you can add custom fields that you can fill in for each point of interest.

Once your map is created you can begin adding points to the map with an address, description, tags, and Flickr photos and YouTube videos. Other members can add media too and comment on your points.  People can choose to follow your map so they can keep up with new content.  You can also choose to sign in with your Facebook or Twitter account and share across those sites as well.

I really like ShareMyMap for the most part but I found myself wanting a little bit more.  Here’s my wishlist:

  • I’d like a way to share my map with anyone with a link or embed code and/or via email
  • The ability to search for a locations address from within a map – as of now you need to know its exact location
  • Suggested images from Flickr based on the points name would help eliminate the step of me having to leave the site to do a Flickr search for photos
  • Collaboration with a private group of people to create a group map for things like reunions and weddings
  • Revision history so I can find places I may have removed from a map. This would also be helpful when used with my comment above (collaboration).

To see ShareMyMap in action, watch the screencast below:

2 Responses to “Share your Favorite Places with Share My Map”

  1. Hi!

    Thanks for the review, we put a lot of work into making this a simple tool and its great to hear it works so well for you. As for you suggestions hang on tight, most of them are in our pipeline for the next few weeks.

    As of now you can already share using the link, just copy the URL from the browser and it will get directly to your map, we are working on embedding. Private maps and flickr browsing is also in the pipeline. I’m interested in hearing more about your second point and the flow you imagine for it, if you could please send me more info to my email and we sill look into it.

    Thank you!

    ShareMyMap Team.

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