Customize Classic Stories Online With MeeGenius!


Are your kids getting enough reading time this summer?  Maybe your children would read more if they were featured in the stories.  MeeGenius! gives parents the chance to customize some classic stories — like Goldilocks and the Three Bears or Jack and the Beanstalk — and then read them online or on your iPhone.

You can add your child’s name or even change the story.  The classic tales have been modernized quite a bit — in Hansel and Gretel the witch is merely locked in a closet and there is no mean stepmother — but they might be nice for very small children.

The audio playback feature is what I like.  My kids love audio books, and on MeeGenius! the words are highlighted as the narrator reads them.    MeeGenius! might be great in the car if you have an iPod Touch or iPhone and you download the app.

Watch the screencast to see MeeGenius! in action.


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