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Why a screencast demo?  We here at DemoGirl think that screencast demos are a great tool to help you sort through the new applications and services that come onto the scene daily.  Would you rather sign up for a new service, verify your email and then try to figure it out by reading some FAQ’s, or would you rather watch a 2 minute screencast and see for yourself if it is even worth your time?

That is where we come in.  Molly and Maureen McDonald are sisters and co-editors of DemoGirl — which is owned by CenterCloud, LLC.
DemoGirl is not paid for any of the free screencasts offered on the site.  Occasionally we will link to custom work that we’ve done, but we’ll always let you know.  If DemoGirl is quiet for a few days, we are probably working hard on some custom work — we have to pay the bills somehow.

Have you seen something on the Web that is begging for a screencast?  Drop us a note!


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