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Kikin is an add-on that puts relevant search results for Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Amazon, eBay, and iTunes above your regular search results from sites like Google, Yahoo, and Bing.  It works with Firefox, IE, and Safari.   After you install it just perform your searches like you normally would.  Kikin will appear on the results […]

SeatGeek is a service that wants to help you get the best deal on tickets to concerts and sporting events.  It uses a history of ticket sales to predict whether or not prices will drop and then compares prices from sites like StubHub, eBay, and  TicketCity. Begin by searching by venue, artist, or team and […]

Listia is a service that allows you to post items that you want to give away and then allows other users to bid on the item using a type of point system. The idea is, that instead of using the ‘free’ section on a site like craigslist to get rid of stuff you don’t need,  […]

As most of you may know, the way we monetize DemoGirl is by creating custom screencasts for various Web companies. Sometimes I need to keep these private and can’t share them on DemoGirl but when possible, I like to show you some of the things I’ve been doing — especially when I find the services […]

GetItNext wants to help you find the actual items your looking for when shopping on eBay.  Usually when you search for something on eBay, such as an iPod, you’re bombarded with items like iPod accessories or other useless items that just get in the way.  When you do a search for an iPod on GetItNext, […]

SecondRotation is a service that wants to buy your used digital cameras, camcorders, mp3 players, and other gadget goodies and then turn around and sell them on eBay.  You just need to find the item you want to sell, tell their “dynamic pricing calculator” the condition of the item, and then decide if you want […]

Ztail is a free service that makes it really easy to list items on eBay and online classified sites. All you really need to do is search for the item you own and then select it if it comes up in the Ztail search. If they don’t have your item, you can list the item […]