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PowerTwitter is a Firefox Add-on that provides you with some much needed features within your Twitter account.  It allows you to search Twitter right from your homepage, view media in-line, and expands links within Tweets so you know what you’re clicking on. I’ve been using PowerTwitter for a few months now (previously reviewed here), and […]

Juice is a Firefox Extension that delivers relevant videos, photos, and news right to your sidebar.  Juice also allows you to store videos and photos in your sidebar to view later. After you install Juice, just highlight any bit of text that you want to find more content on and drag it and drop it […]

KwiClick is a Firefox Add-on that allows you to perform searches and look up information without having to leave the page you’re on.  It’s currently an experimental Add-on, so keep that in mind if you’re planning on testing it out. After you install it, you’ll see the KwiClick favicon in the lower right corner of […]

The other day a friend of mine suddenly freaked out when he saw a long list of bookmarks drop down every time he started typing a URL into the address bar in Firefox.  I couldn’t understand the confusion because I thought everyone knew about “The Awesome Bar” in Firefox 3 and how to disable it.  […]

Ubiquity is a new experiment from Mozilla Labs that allows you to take bits and pieces of the Web and make them work together just by typing in basic text.  It’s an Extension for Firefox that allows you, as the user, to decide what Ubiquity should do.  This happens by giving Ubiquity commands.  On the […]

Remove It Permanently (RIP) is a Firefox Extension that allows you to remove images or text from a Web page with a simple right mouse click. After you RIP something, it will be deleted until you choose to undo it in your RIP options.  Besides being able to remove annoying banner ads or Myspace graphics, […]

With the newest version of Firefox up and running, and only crashing about 4 times a week, I thought I would show you some Add-ons that are compatible with my record breaking browser of choice. WikiLook is an Add-on that allows you to look up the definition of any word on a web page, without […]

Here are three sites that have absolutely nothing to do with each other, other than the fact that they all require you to type in some text in order to use them.  Happy Friday… Soungle is a search engine for sound effects.  It’s pretty straightforward – Enter in the sound you want to hear, like […]

Yesterday, in my world, everyone seemed to be talking about Firefox 3 and whether or not they had downloaded it, how great it was, and the problems they were having.  But after I left my make-shift office to meet some friends to watch the AMAZING Celtics/Lakers game, I realized that not everyone was as pumped […]

If you spend a lot of time on the web, whether for work, play, or research, you probably spend a lot of time jumping from one service to the next to get the information you need.  Vysr wants to help solve the problem of skipping around the web with their application, RoamAbout.  RoamAbout is an […]