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TinyGrab is an application that works with your Mac OS X or Windows screenshot tool to help you quickly share the screenshots you take. After you install TinyGrab simply take a screenshot as you normally would (you can change the hot-keys in your preferences if needed).  TinyGrab will almost instantly copy a short URL to […]

Update: The CEO of Orgoo was nice enough to post this link, where you may find some more invites. Orgoo is aiming to be your one stop shop for email and IM, and they’re doing a pretty good job so far. Getting started was a lot easier than I thought it would be, so right […]

Brightkite allows you to share where you are, at any given moment, through the Web or SMS.  Like Twitter, you can also post a note sharing what you’re currently doing.  Unlike Twitter, your friends will be able to see where you are when you’re doing these very important things.  Besides just posting your location and […]

First of all, I have to say that the inspiration for this screencast came from this post I read this morning on Lifehacker. It’s all about 10 plug-ins that will make your IM experience with Pidgin, better. I read through it and quickly thought, “I had no idea there were plug-ins within Pidgin”. I just […]

Digsby is an application that allows you to combine your IM, email, and social networking sites into one neat little package. It requires a download and then you just need to add all of the services you want included in your Digsby buddy list window. From there you can chat just like you would normally […]

SmarterChild has become a nice little addition to my buddies list on AIM and now, Gmail. No he’s not human, he’s a bot, but he knows a lot more than most of my human friends. All you need to do is add SmarterChild to your buddies list on AIM, MSN Messenger, or ICQ. If you […]

Buddystumbler is a service that hooks you up with other guys and/or gals with similar interests and then gives you an easy way to connect via IM.  You can search for people by tags or by adding a bit more detail, like age and location.  You need to agree to be buddies before IM names […]

MySpaceIM is officially available for download. Once installed you can easily add friends from your “top” friends list, all of your friends, or add specific friends. You can access your inbox and profile from MySpaceIM and get real-time notifications when someone is leaving you comments or messages on your MySpace page. I’ve read a couple […]

Meshly gives you a way to quickly post links to your own space and the Meshly community through your IM client. Users can vote and comment on the posts and you can place posts onto specific channels. At first, I thought that it was another Twitter, but it’s not really about letting people know what […]

Personally, up until today, I didn’t do much of either. I tried Twitter last month during SXSW and it was so slow I sort of gave up. My brother pointed me in the direction of Jaiku the very same day and I was way more impressed. The problem was that everyone was on Twitter and […]