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If you’re a social networking addict and love to spy on see what sites your friends are hanging out on and what sites they’re bookmarking, then SocialU is an Adobe Air Application that you’ll probably dig.  I didn’t know what else to think when I first installed SocialU other than, “omg, it’s seriously a browser […]

Sendible allows you to set scheduled emails, reminders, and even Twitter and Facebook updates.  It’s all done from one place, and you can keep track of all of your activity on your Sendible calendar.  You can also schedule SMS messages to be sent at any time from your Sendible account.  If you use Facebook, Sendible […]

Digsby is an application that allows you to combine your IM, email, and social networking sites into one neat little package. It requires a download and then you just need to add all of the services you want included in your Digsby buddy list window. From there you can chat just like you would normally […]

Alright, I try to stay away from all of the MySpace layout tools and glittery widgets when deciding to create a screencast, but today I just had to do it.  SnapLayout really gives you some great tools for customizing your MySpace profile and it’s extremely simple to use.  They provide you with various color pallets […]

MySpaceIM is officially available for download. Once installed you can easily add friends from your “top” friends list, all of your friends, or add specific friends. You can access your inbox and profile from MySpaceIM and get real-time notifications when someone is leaving you comments or messages on your MySpace page. I’ve read a couple […]

Fliva gives you a way to share your personality, in the form of a Q&A widget, on your blog or favorite social networking site. It’s seriously easy to use and looks pretty too. All you need to do is sign up and answer whatever questions you want to share. Fliva gives you the code and […]

Kyte allows you to create your own TV channels and broadcast shows on your website, blog, social network, or mobile phone. You can upload video, photos, add music, and polls. Viewers can chat live about your shows and, if you allow it, other users can produce shows and broadcast them on your channel. I created […]

MySpace News is a news aggregation service that lets MySpace members vote on stories on a scale of 1-5 ( hate it-love it ). The more positive votes the story gets, the more it moves up. There are numerous categories and topics that you can browse through and you can request more to be added […]