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NewsCred is a service that allows you to create customized online newspapers, loaded with only the content that interests you. To get started you just need to give your paper a name and choose a URL.  Then you can search for and select topics that you want included.  That’s it.  You’ll be taken to your […] is a type of news feed dashboard that allows you to select specific topics that interest you, and create a page filled with articles and images about those topics. You don’t need to sign up for anything in order to get started.  Just select a bunch of topics that you want to read about […]

EveryBlock works like a news feed for your neighborhood.  It gives you daily local information like business reviews, restaurant inspections, news, classified listings, etc.  It’s all based on neighborhood or zip code so you really know what’s going on in your specific neighborhood.  All of the news is listed as it is gathered by day.  […]

YourStreet gives you a way to see exactly what’s going on in your neighborhood – “down to the street level”.  After you choose your location, you’re presented with an interactive map that displays news stories, conversations, and people.  You can see news that happened down the street from you, participate in conversations with people who […]

NPR Desktop Alerts keeps you updated on all your favorite NPR content as well as your own favorite RSS feeds.  You have to download it and then you can customize how you want to be alerted.  You have the option of receiving alerts through a pop-up, a ticker that runs across your computer screen, or […]

I was waiting tables a few years back and a person at one of my tables made this comment to me, “Aww, you have a little lisp! How cute!”. I quickly shot him a look that my friends and family know all too well and walked away. For a long time after that I was […]

Sk*rt is a place to discover and share news and links with other women. Yes, it’s Digg for the ladies. Oh, and according to their tagline, “And for the guys who want to get in their heads”. I decided to have a look at sk*rt yesterday and found myself finding some useful information. I also […]