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Stereo8 is an Internet radio station that puts the users in charge of the music.  It’s completely free to use and there’s no sign up needed in order to listen to music – only if you wish to add your own and vote for songs. There are currently 5 stations available:  Hip hop/Rap, Pop/Hits, Video […]

If you’re one of the sad souls mourning the recent shutdown of Muxtape, then I think 8tracks may just brighten your day.  8tracks allows you to create and share virtual mixtapes. 8tracks doesn’t work exactly like Muxtape, but the idea is somewhat the same.  You can upload your own music to create a mix, listen […]

Chilirec is a service that records music from various Internet radio stations and allows you to create playlists to listen to from the Chilirec player. When you first get started, you need to select what Internet stations you want Chilirec to record from – there are currently 351 available. Chilirec will then begin to add […]

Recently, I’ve started listening to NPR on my laptop when I go to sleep at night and when I wake up in the morning.  I’ve always needed some sort of background noise in order to sleep and having the TV on is just too distracting.  NPR is great, but I think Stitcher is going to […]

Jango, the awesome site that allows you to make your own customized radio stations, has just added a Jukebox widget that can be placed on your MySpace profile or blog for all of your friends to enjoy. You can add whatever artists you want to your Jukebox and customize the skin and the name. The […]

I feel like a lot of Internet radio/music players have been popping up lately.  There’s Jango, Deezer, Mixaloo, Songza, and now BoomShuffle.  As of right now BoomShuffle is pulling ahead of Jango, which was my favorite until about 4 hours ago.  BoomShuffle is like Internet radio that you have total control over, almost.  The biggest […]

Songza is a music search engine that allows you to create playlists of your favorite songs.  You can search by artist or song and the results bring you various versions of whatever you’ve searched for.  These songs can be shared with friends and you can embed a small Songza player on your website or blog.  […]

Jango is a “Social Internet Radio” service that allows you to create custom radio stations filled with only the music you want to hear. You begin by choosing an artist that you like. That will create your station. From there, Jango will recommend related artists to you and you can add them to your player. […]

SplashCast recently launched the NPR Podcast Player which you can add to your facebook profile. If you’re not familiar with SplashCast, it’s a service that allows you to mix audio, video, music, photos, and more and create your own streaming media channel. It all comes together in their slick SplashCast Player. The NPR Podcast Player […]

BlogTalkRadio allows users to create their own talk radio show just by dialing a number. When you sign up you’ll be given a phone number and a pin number. All you need to do is set up your segment (show) by giving a description of what you’ll be discussing and a date and time for […]