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1DayLater is an application that allows you to track the hours you work on projects, the distance you drive everyday, money you spend on groceries, hours you put in at the gym, and anything else you can squeeze into a day. Using 1DayLater is extremely easy – Enter in hours, mileage, or money spent and […]

Redbeacon is a service that connects service providers (anything from a handyman to an accountant) to consumers who need such services. On the requesting end, all you need to do is select the service that you need, enter in the date(s) and time that you’d like it done, and add any important information that will […]

You know when you call certain businesses and you’re given the warning, “Your call may be recorded to ensure quality service” or something of that nature?  Well, the team at Fonolo is giving you that very same power.  Not only that, but you can completely bypass all of the annoying phone menus and access the […]

zeaLOG is a life tracking service that helps you to track just about anything you can think of in your day to day activities.  Whether it’s how many glasses of water you drink or how many times you dine out at a restaurant – zeaLOG will help you keep track. It started out harmless enough […]

Freckle is a time tracking application that will help you track all of the time you’re spending on projects.  It also allows you to track the time you spend on unbillable aspects of a project, like research or phone calls.  With freckle, you’ll see how much time you’re spending on a project, how much time […]

Sure, multitasking might be OK on the subway where you answer email on your phone, eat your breakfast and try to finish the latest page in your suduko book.  But multitasking isn’t always the best way to be efficient.  That’s where ForceDo comes in.  ForceDo is a handy little Web site that helps you maximize […]

With the newest version of Firefox up and running, and only crashing about 4 times a week, I thought I would show you some Add-ons that are compatible with my record breaking browser of choice. WikiLook is an Add-on that allows you to look up the definition of any word on a web page, without […]

Wakerupper is a free wake-up call service that also doubles as a reminder service. You can try it out from the homepage without signing up for anything by entering in your call details. If you sign up for an account you can add multiple phones to receive calls on, keep track of your calls, and […]

Remember The Milk, a task management and organization tool, is now available to use in Gmail.  First, you need to install it and then your Gmail account will have a “tasks pane” on the right hand side, next to your inbox.  You can add tasks right in Gmail and  and even add emails and Gmail […]

A while back I was a food and beverage manager for a restaurant and every few months I’d schedule the dreaded staff meeting.  The servers and bartenders hated it, and so did I, but it had to be done.  It was typically and hour of me explaining that it’s not OK to talk on your […]