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Dingbee is a web-based social calendar that lets you quickly add events and share them with your followers.  The set up is easy — just sign in or connect with Facebook Connect. You can quickly add your own events and even set up recurring events.  If your events are public, your followers can view them […]

If you use Google Calendar then you may have noticed the little green labs icon up near your settings.  This is where Google is allowing you to test out some features that may or may not get pushed through as permanent fixtures in Google Calendar.  As of now there are six features:  Adding a background […]

As some of you may know, I do custom screencast work. The screencasts I post on Screeniac are all created and designed by me and are not paid for, unless disclosed. I recently finished two projects for two completely different services. I was hired to create these screencasts and did my best to give the […]

Project management software, eloops, has gone berserk creating screencast demos. Here’s a link to over 20 help screencasts to help insure the ease of use with eloops. eloops Demos

I just received an email from Mark Michael of SynapseLife. It was a little strange, as it was a reply to an email I had sent in the beginning of October and my question had already been answered. Anyway, the email only contained a link to their front page letting me know they had screencast […]

” Basecamp is the smarter, easier, more elegant way to collaborate on your internal and client projects”. Just in case you haven’t already checked out Basecamp, here’s a group of screencast tours that give you a quick demonstration how each feature works. Just click on the links above the screenshots Basecamp Demos

BlueTie provides “email, calendaring, and sharing for your business”.  They offer a demo that you can view after clicking on a link at the bottom of their homepage or on their support page.  It’s very helpful and informative but I’m a little confused.  At the end of the demo the man with the nice voice […]