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Thanks to a tip on KillerStartups, I decided to check out DooID. The site offers some great features that can help you make a really nice Web business card.  Two features I could see myself using are the widget you can add to your blog and the email signature you can grab. It only took […] allows you to create a virtual business card, complete with your own video avatar.  It gives you a place to share your flickr photos, your location, and your other online identities, as well as updates to Twitter and Facebook. After you sign up for an account (which is currently invite only) you’ll be able […]

Embedr is a service that allows you to create and share playlists full of your favorite videos from different hosting sites on the Web.  Love videos of funny office pranks?  You can create a playlist for that.  How about clips from (one of my favorites) 30 Rock?  You can build a playlist for that.  With […]

Bandsintown is a really cool site that shows you when your favorite band is going to be playing at a venue in or around your city.  It also recommends artists it thinks you’ll like and allows you to connect with other people in your city that are going to the same show. When you sign […]

Retaggr allows you to create a virtual business card, that you can put almost anywhere on the web, and share all of your web activity, in one organized location. Your profile card contains any information you wish to share because it’s all customizable. You can add your social networking sites like Facebook and LinkedIn, your […]

If you spend a lot of time on the web, whether for work, play, or research, you probably spend a lot of time jumping from one service to the next to get the information you need.  Vysr wants to help solve the problem of skipping around the web with their application, RoamAbout.  RoamAbout is an […]

For me, music and emotions go hand in hand, and that’s why I think Muzicons is brilliant. With Muzicons, you can select a cute icon that best describes how you’re feeling. There are the common happy and sad faces and cute little mouse heads too. Then just upload an MP3 from your computer, select a […]

LetterMeLater allows you to create emails to be sent at any date and time you choose.  You can select what email address will appear in the “from” section of the email and there are no ads of any kind.  I sent one to myself and it was sent right on time and appeared to have […]

SproutBuilder helps you create a slick flash widget, called a Sprout, that you can publish on almost any web page.  These Sprouts can be pages and pages long and include things like YouTube videos, Feed Readers, music, photos, Yahoo! Maps, almost anything you can think of.  You can link various items on your Sprout to […]

Yes, it’s true. Sometimes the wonderful sites I screencast for DemoGirl have so many features that my brain gets overloaded and I miss some really good stuff. That’s the case with Eyejot. At first glance, it seems that Eyejot is just a video email service. Not true at all, my friends. Eyejot has some really […]