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Delicious recently relaunched with not only a much needed visual overhaul, but also adding some features that have been missing for far too long. First of all, I have to be truthful – I was never a big delicious user to begin with.  I couldn’t get past the way it looked and not really being […]

Minimap is a neat little Firefox add-on that opens up a map in your sidebar where you can store addresses, view traffic, and get directions using Google, Yahoo!, or Windows Live Local.  You can right click on any address on a web page and choose to immediately map that location in your Minimap or drag […]

Y! Mash is a new social networking site from Yahoo!  With Mash, you can make profiles for your friends to help them get started, allow other people to edit and add things to your profile, and customize your profile with modules from the module gallery.  Editing your profile is really easy and you’re in complete […]

Yahoo! Photos is closing their doors on Sept. 20, 2007.  After that, any photos that haven’t been moved will be deleted.  They have some suggestions on how and where to relocate your photos and this screencast sums it up for you: Flash Demo 2m8s

People of the Web is a recent addition to Yahoo! News. It’s goal is to share the stories about the people who are behind some of the interesting things we find online. Right now there are five stories published, which include video, and they were all stories about people I probably never would have known. […]

My Yahoo! allows you to take all of the features of Yahoo! and put them in one place. Yes, Yahoo! has a lot of features and that’s why My Yahoo! is so great. Just take what you need such as, email, your calendar, weather, maps, RSS, and much more and add it to your My […]

Yahoo! Pipes lets you create customized RSS Feeds for just about anything. You can create a pipe to find photos of chihuahuas wearing sombreros or to find a website that doesn’t contain the words “MyBlogLog”. Use your imagination. Here’s a screencast demo that explains the basics of Yahoo! Pipes. Yahoo! Pipes Demo